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Here is where you will see our latest trade show events we will be attending and presenting at. See our booth # and make sure you stop by and visit to see how we can partner to make your products better and your innovations a reality. Also we will have the latest news and PR on what 7-Sigma is doing in the industry as well as in our facility. New video samples soon to come.


The Health Technology Leadership Conference
Minneapolis Convention Center Booth #110
November 19th, 2014

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Design of Medical Devices ConferenceDesign of Medical Devices Conference
The Commons Hotel & McNamara Alumni Center
April 7-10, 2014

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The world's largest premiere medical devices conference consists of three-days of multiple scientific poster sessions and technical/scientific sessions.



MD&M7-SIGMA was Founded
Minneapolis, MN

Mr. Jerzy Wyrobek founded 7-SIGMA in 1973. Since that time, we have grown into a global industry leader in our precision component markets.


For the environmentWe're trying to do our part for the environment
06/01/2009 12:00:46
7-SIGMA is In the process of reducing our energy supply by 10%. 7-SIGMA is working with customers on reusing and recycling our products. 7-SIGMA is always looking for ways to reduce the impact on the environment. We became a VERY small quantity generator of hazardous waste from a small quantity generator.

New CNC milling centerUpgrades to our Precision Manufacturing Capabilites
10/17/2008 13:00:24
NEW 5 Axis Core Machining Center and NEW CNC Milling Center.


09/25/2007 19:00:33
The history of 7-SIGMA in the Longfellow neighborhood goes back 30 years. In 1973 Jerzy and Jutta Wyrobek, their sons Tom and Kristian Wyrobek opened the doors of a new family business in a neighborhood machine shop located at 42nd Street and Dwight Avenue. In 1979 the business was moved to a location at 36th Avenue South. Then, in 1987, with funds provided by the Minneapolis Community Development Agency, 7-SIGMA moved to its present location on 26th Avenue South. It has taken the company 18 years to reclaim and renovate the 7-SIGMA building and site. Of interest is the fact that the 7-SIGMA building is the last remaining structure of the Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Company. The facility’s most recent improvements were again funded through low-interest funds provided by MCDA, now known as Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development, or CPED.

7-SIGMA is an engineering-oriented manufacturer of high value polymer components. The new shipping and receiving apron and the employee parking lot were necessary improvements to streamline the receipt and delivery of material and product from the facility, and to provide safe access to and from the building for 7-SIGMA employees. It has taken 10 years to assemble the parcels necessary to accommodate the square footage needed to facilitate these improvements. The redevelopment process also involved moving a duplex from 26th Avenue South to 27th Avenue South to accomplish the company and neighborhood goal of maintaining viable housing while growing higher paying jobs in our neighborhood. 7-SIGMA proudly considers itself to be a long-term Longfellow neighbor.

We are all aware of the changes to our environment in recent years caused by pollution discharge. Stormwater discharge is a leading contributor to the pollution of our local lakes and rivers. Technologies have now been designed and developed to direct stormwater to infiltration locations that are designed to percolate run-off directly into the soil. Subsequently, the stormwater with its accompanying pollution being filtered by plant root systems located in engineered collection ponds, travels to natural groundwater sources. This technique is known as rainwater harvesting, and the landscaped areas that serve to collect and filter stormwater are known as rainwater gardens. Fred Rozumalski and Kurt Leuthold of Barr Engineering are pioneers in the design and installation of rainwater gardens located in commercial and industrial applications. Working with Larson Engineering of Minnesota who designed and engineered the paved surfaces of the parking lot and delivery apron, Fred and Kurt located, designed and engineered the stormwater swales to collect 50% of 7-SIGMA’s site run-off. Phillips Garden supervised the installation of the plant materials from the plan designed by Fred Rozumalski. Now completed, our gardens manage approximately 90% of the polluted stormwater run-off from our paved areas, preventing the majority of this polluted water from traveling to the Mississippi River. This project was undertaken as part of 7-SIGMA’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability in the workplace.

Our partnership with the Longfellow Community Council and the Longfellow Business Association began in November of 2000 with joint service on the Steering Committee for the East End Revival Plan. The partnership was instituted to facilitate 7-SIGMA’s long-term plan to remain and grow in the Longfellow neighborhood and to address LCC’s concern that manufacturing growth align with long-range neighborhood development plans. Sustainable development has been the keystone of this joint venture. As a result of this community-business association, 7-SIGMA is viewed by the Longfellow community as an asset and resource, and is afforded a significant voice in the development plans for its immediate neighborhood. In turn, 7-SIGMA is committed to innovative sustainable community design practices that may serve as a model for manufacturing facilities co-existing adjacent to quality residential neighborhoods. The goal of this unique partnership is to keep good jobs close to home and to maintain a high standard for community livability.

EMSEnvironmental Management System
01/16/2006 10:00:11
7-SIGMA Inc. developed and implemented the Environmental Management System (EMS) to improve its environmental management and ultimately, to reduce the impact of its operations, activities, products, and services on the environment. The EMS complies with the International Standards of ISO 14001:2004.

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