Capabilities A Designed Process to Ensure Market Leadership -  Unsurpassed ServicesA value is required.

A Designed Process that Ensures
Market Leadership

7-SIGMA has a complete polymer characterization laboratory capable of measuring and characterizing the material Rheology and cure characteristics of all materials. Our testing capabilities include a physical lab, analytical lab, nano, micro and macro measurements as well environmental compliance issues.

From concept to volume production - our most experienced Polymer Chemists, Design, Development, Quality and Manufacturing Engineers partner with customer teams to create the most innovative and best performing products for your markets.

Capabilities and Services

Design and Development:
• Innovative design solutions from concept to market
• Ability to translate customer ideas into custom solutions
• Precision component design
• Extensive knowledge of materials
• Prototyping
• State of the art CAD

Rubber, Plastic Testing and Analysis:
• Nano, Micro and Macro physical measurements
• Rheology and physical properties
• Specific Gravity of solid and liquid materials
• Cross – link density
• Thermal conductivity
• Electrical resistivity
• Abrasion resistance of rubber and plastics
• Aging properties at elevated temperatures
• Permanent compression set
• Stress Relaxation
• Coefficient of Friction
• Young Modulus
• Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
• Plus a range of other analytical capabilities

Process and Quality Engineering:
• ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 Certified
• Continuous testing and measurement
• Certified materials and manufacturing process
• Environmental Testing

Precision Manufacturing:
• Plastic and rubber molding
• Polymer and metal parts
• Two part liquid injection molding
• Bonding of polymers to metal
• Polymer coatings
• CNC milling and grinding
• Assemblies

7-SIGMA. Transcending Expectations Through Continuous Innovation.

Capabilities A Designed Process to Ensure Market Leadership -  Unsurpassed Services

Committed to Higher Standards of Quality –  Research, Testing & Analysis Our in-depth knowledge of materials and their processing allows us to understand how our product will perform in your applications. We go beyond the standard physical testing of the elastomers, and incorporate analytical chemistry and use our macro and nano measurement capabilities to ensure we are providing our customer with something that not only meets their needs, but transcends their expectations.