7S3 Understands That The Best Health Care Treatment Begins With Comprehensive, Realistic Training.

Through collaborations with educators and health care professionals, and leveraging more than forty years of experience in material selection and precision manufacturing, 7S3 has developed a continuously evolving line of innovative, high-fidelity products, providing the premier training platform for airway management.

Our flagship airway training manikin features a modular design, facilitating an expandable portfolio of pathologies making it the premier educational tool for health care professionals.

Responding to the industry demand for quantitative feedback, 7S3 has incorporated its conformable sensor technology into the next generation of training tools, which provide real time assessments, further enhancing the skill development supported by using 7S3 products.

A Modular & High Fidelity Airway Trainer

Realistic Intubation

High Fidelity & Realistic Movements

7-SIGMA, Inc. is pleased to present the 7S3 Modular Airway Trainer. Our airway management training system is unparalleled in its attention to the details crucial to realistically simulating intubation, ensuring that medical practitioners receive training that translates into superior patient care. The 7S3 Modular Airway Trainer pairs faithful replication of appearance, weight distribution and biomechanics with a modular construction supporting an expandable portfolio of configurations, making the 7S3 Modular Airway Trainer a vital tool for instilling the skillsets, knowledge, and confidence necessary for successful intubation. The 7S3 Modular Airway Trainer is the superior choice for developing best practices to safely intubate.

Features & Solutions

  • Unparalleled fidelity and realism
  • Modular construction supports
  • Realistic biomechanics of the jaw, neck, tongue, and epiglottis
  • Supports Sellick Maneuver training
  • Realistic mass distribution reinforces proper patient positioning techniques
  • Supports both oral and nasal intubation
  • Supports confirmation of intubation via auscultation and chest excursion (chest rise)
  • Accurate simulation of common intubation errors such as right mainstem intubation and esophageal intubation

Bronchoscopy Trainer

Forces of Cricoid

  • The above  video shows the effect that applying cricoid pressure (aka Sellicks Maneuver) has on opening the epiglottis and closing the esophagus on the 7S³ Airway Manikin. The forces applied were recorded using a high precision Shimpo force gauge and were recorded live in sync with the video. All forces are shown in Newtons.
    Literature states the force required to assist in intubation on a real patient is 20 N and to close the esophagus is 35 N.
    As you can see, the video shows how the 7S³ Manikin has a response to cricoid pressure that is close to that of a live patient. It provided quantitative data that speaks to the fidelity and realism of our product.

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