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7-SIGMA is a successful designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance polymer and metal components and assemblies for the printing, medical, aerospace, and industrial markets. Our goal is simple: to provide the best products and services in the marketplace by understanding customer needs, maintaining leading-edge manufacturing capabilities, and continuously testing to deliver superior quality at competitive prices. Our partnerships with customers, suppliers, and employees produce innovation, technical leadership, and profitable growth for us and for our customers.

Our ‘NEW’ 7S3 Modular Airway Training System

Visit our 7-SIGMA Simulation Systems page and see our new High Fidelity Modular Airway Training products in action. Our products include: Torso Airway Trainer, Airway Assembly, Burn Victim & Components, Face Skins, Cricoid Skin Strips, Replacement Teeth, and our soon to release Bronchoscopy Trainer. Get detailed information or purchase our training products by clicking on the link below.

New COVID-19 Victim Airway Trainer Containment Kit

•Airway mimics that of a victim with COVID-19 airway contamination

– Saliva spray with contaminated COVID-19 simulant

– Nano particles aerosolized to be airborne up to 6 feet via exhalation

– Cough simulation to expel excess mucous contaminant

– UV (blacklight) assessment of cross contamination

– Excellent training realization of contamination after doffing

• Anatomically correct epiglottis, tongue, vocal cords, & tracheal rings

• Realistic biomechanics of the jaw, neck, tongue, & epiglottis

• Supports positioning, oral and nasal intubation, and all supraglottic devices.

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